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Georgie Porgy

3D Statue of Liberty Jigsaw 31pcs

3D Statue of Liberty Jigsaw 31pcs

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Age: 3+
Material: Foam Cardboard
Dimensions: 22 x 16 x 1.8 cm
Net weight: 0.11 kg
The package includes: Color box + instruction

Please read the instructions before assembly.

Assembly Steps:
Follow the instructions on the booklet to build your puzzle. Each puzzle piece is numbered to help you complete the assembly.
Every puzzle pieces have two sides, and can be bended into only one direction, please make sure the correct side of the pieces are faced outward.
To make sure every pieces can be clearly identified, do not pop out all pieces at once, please only detach those pieces you need for each step during the assembly (as pieces numbers are all printed on the puzzle sheet next to every puzzle pieces).
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