About Us

Who is Georgie Porgy?

Georgie Porgy is a lovely 10 year old monster who just moved to a new town, Smileville. Although sometimes naughty, Georgie has a good heart and loves his new friends, Ava and Alfie. Georgie also loves his new toys. However, Georgie’s mom and dad, Mrs. and Mr. Porgy, also want Georgie to keep learning in a fun and creative way. Mrs. and Mr. Porgy also believe in sharing, which is why they were inspired to start this platform and give other children and parents a chance to get what they need to have a fun and creative childhood – not only in Smileville, but everywhere in the world !

Do Mrs. and Mr. Porgy care about quality of toys and education tools and accessories Georgie is using?

We asked them and Mrs. Porgy, slightly annoyed, gave us a stern look through her enormous glasses, and said that she made sure that Georgie was playing only with the highest quality of toys and education tools that had gone through the proper testing procedures. Mrs. Porgy wants only the best for Georgie and his friends !

Georgie Porgy’s Oath

Mrs. Porgy believes that oaths are important because they show honesty and commitment. How about the Georgie Porgy’s one? We are glad you ask! Georgie Porgy promises to bring fun, educational and stimulating experiences to all his friends around the world and their parents through sharing his favourite toys and everything that helps him and his friends learn better !