The Benefits Of Cloth Books For Babies

The Benefits Of Cloth Books For Babies


As a new parent, it can be difficult to know which toys you should buy for your baby. It is fair to say that the toy market is so vast these days and there is more variety than ever before. From rattles and plush toys to wooden puzzles and musical toys, there is something for every little one at every stage of their lives, but as you may expect, some toys are more beneficial than others, especially for babies under 12 months of age. 

Soft baby books have been a popular baby toy amongst parents and many will recommend these cloth books from a very young age. Not only are they perfect for introducing little ones to books and reading, but they actually have a number of other advantages too. If you’ve not considered buying fabric books for your baby and you’re wondering why they’re a good baby toy option, below we have looked into some of the biggest benefits of soft cloth books for babies. 

Safe and suitable for babies 

The majority of baby toys have strict age guides and finding something that is both safe and suitable for babies isn’t always easy. Thankfully, soft fabric baby books are the perfect solution and they are specifically designed for little ones throughout their early years. Both babies and toddlers can play with these books and you won’t have to worry about them hurting themselves due to the soft fabric pages. These books aren’t easily destroyed either, so they can be used time and time again, even after mishandling. 

Support early development

Reading books with any aged child has a number of benefits relating to their learning and development, and many don’t realise just how useful baby cloth books can be. Simply playing with a soft book can aid the development of fine motor skills and, for example, turning the pages can help to develop things like hand-eye coordination. Of course, reading these books with a little one can boost their language skills too and babies are never too young to start learning. 

Stimulate babies senses 

Cloth books for babies are designed to be more than just a standard reading book and you may sometimes hear them referred to as ‘touch and feel books’. They are created in a way that will stimulate all of a baby’s senses, making the book more of a sensory toy for them. More often than not, in addition to being bright and colourful, fabric books are also made with rattle paper and have built-in sound components. Some cloth books will even have three-dimensional elements too, so they are the perfect activity book for babies. 

Keep babies engaged

Due to their intriguing design, soft fabric books will keep babies entertained for hours on end. Simply having this type of book within reaching distance will encourage a little one to play with it and they won’t tire of looking at the pictures, turning the pages and exploring the sensory aspects. Whilst babies are engaged with these cloth books, they will also be developing a healthy attention space and learning how to concentrate on individual tasks. 

Build a bond with babies  

Even though it might not take long to read a cloth baby book, spending any amount of time reading to a little one is really advantageous. Reading is a one-on-one activity and the time spent together will not only encourage social development, but it will also strengthen the bond you have. Cloth books for babies are great tools to use when spending precious time with a baby and they will help you to make special memories together. 

Buying cloth books for babies

Although there are so many different types of baby toys on the market, it is fair to say that soft fabric books are definitely worthwhile buying. They are a brilliant toy to introduce to your baby from a young age and they can be incredibly beneficial throughout their early years. If you’re interested in buying cloth books for babies, be sure to take a look at the rest of the Georgie Porgy website today. 

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