A Guide to the Educational Toys That You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

A Guide to the Educational Toys That You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

If you were under the impression that the only toys that are worth buying are those that have no underlying purposes, we are here to tell you that this could not be further from the truth. When you are a parent to a young child, you have a duty of care; furthermore, you are naturally concerned about their early learning. For those of you that didn’t already know, here at Georgie Porgy we strive to sell only the finest toys to our audience. If you cast your eye over the list below, you will find some of the educational toys that we think you will fall in love with.

Building Blocks

As soon as you clap eyes on the bright colours of these building blocks, we guarantee that you will be enthralled - this is even before you have had the chance to familiarise yourself with the benefits that they offer. Coming in a set of twelve, each of these is adorned by animals and numbers, as well as a few patterns. Initially, you might want to use these blocks to help develop fine motor skills for your child. The material that is used is also excellent, as it allows for them to be put in the bath.

Colouring Puzzle

Whilst not a traditional problem solving toy, it is safe to say that coloring puzzles are immensely popular amongst young children. These can give them an opportunity to indulge their creative side - presented with a blank canvas, they can use any crayons or pens that they choose to produce unique designs. The images that they see are also brilliant, as they can be used to breed familiarity. After seeing pictures of houses and cars on a regular basis, they will become ingrained in your child’s memory.

DIY Mechanical Climber

Should your primary concern be in relation to your child’s hand-eye coordination, there is no need to panic. If you were to cast your eye over the DIY mechanical climber, you would no-doubt appreciate the benefits that this particular toy can offer. Despite not being overly-complex, it will certainly present a unique challenge to your child. This will stimulate their brain like never-before, which is certainly an intriguing prospect. 

Gravity Ball Maze

If you have always been a fan of puzzles, and want to pass on this passion to one of your children, the solution is simple - purchase the gravity ball maze. To you, it may seem like this is a rather basic design that can be solved in a matter of moments. However, from a child’s perspective, this will be a problem that will cause them a couple of issues early on. The patience that they learn whilst playing with this will almost-certainly pay dividends when they are older.

Want to Place an Order?

Have you been desperately searching for educational toys for a 1 year old, but have yet to find one that has exceeded your expectations? Are you preparing for an upcoming child’s birthday, and are unsure as to what to give them as a present? If you find yourself in either of these predicaments, it might be worthwhile sending an email to the Georgie Porgy team at georgielovesyou@georgieporgy.com.

As a company, our mission is to ensure that you have access to top-of-the-range toys at prices that are affordable. We want to help you to promote your child’s development, whilst simultaneously giving them the chance to engage in imaginative play scenarios. If this sounds enticing to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

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