Popular Musical Toys For Kids

Popular Musical Toys For Kids

Music plays a big part in our day-to-day lives from a very young age and it is something that we’re used to hearing, whether it is nursery rhymes on TV programmes or songs on the radio. For this reason, it is no surprise that musical toys are very popular and they are a common sight in kid’s playrooms/bedrooms nowadays, making playtime more entertaining.

There are actually a number of benefits to kids playing with musical toys and musical instruments too, and they can aid cognitive development as well as sensory development. Not to mention, musical toys for kids can have a positive impact on both gross and fine motor skills. There are so many different types of musical toys to choose from these days too and if you’re interested in this type of toy, you might be wondering which will be best to purchase. So, below we have listed some of the most popular musical toys for kids. 

Rattles and shakers 

More often than not, the first musical toys that little ones have are rattles and/or shakers. These toys are perfect for small hands and whether they have a built-in bell or beads, they will keep babies and toddlers entertained for hours. Rattles provide visual, touch and audio stimulation for babies and they are safe for them to use from birth. Something like the Georgie Porgy animal plush baby rattle is perfect for a first musical toy. 

Drum kits 

Percussion instruments are often the first choice for little ones and they are perfect for anyone who is still developing hand-eye coordination. Drum kits are undeniably a great choice of toy for those who are learning all about cause and effect too, and hitting a drum or a crash cymbal will make an intriguing noise that will make them want to do it time and time again. A toy like the JUNCA ‘Little Musician Jazz Drum Set’ is ideal for kids. 


Another popular percussion instrument is a xylophone and this tends to be a step up from a drum kit. Xylophones are designed to be tapped with a beater rather than a hand, making them slightly more challenging for little ones to play with, and they will continue to strengthen fine motor skills. Like all musical toys for kids, xylophones are designed to be sturdy and durable too. The Georgie Porgy ‘My Frist Xylophone’ is a brilliant musical toy for kids. 


When wanting to purchase musical toys for kids, many will automatically turn to a keyboard and this type of toy is excellent for any little one who enjoys music. Keyboards tend to have built-in tunes that can be played as well as keys that make different sounds, making them lots of fun. Parents tend to like keyboards because they are able to control the volume on them too. Something like the JUNCA ‘Little Pianist Electronic Keyboard’ is perfect. 


Even though it isn’t a musical instrument, a microphone is still a very popular musical toy for kids. This is a great choice for little ones who want to use their voice to make music rather than their hands and they can sing along with their favourite songs. Most microphones have lots of different songs built-in and they are the most portable musical toy available. The JUNCA ‘Little Singer Microphone’ is a great choice for kids. 

Guitars and ukuleles

As kids get older and they want something more challenging and interesting to play with, guitars and ukuleles will help them to grow their love for music. This musical toy is perfect for kids with natural musical talent and who are interested in learning how to play an instrument properly. What’s more, because this instrument is still a toy, it’s completely safe for a little one to use. A toy like the Georgie Porgy ‘My First Ukulele’ is an excellent choice. 

Purchasing musical toys for kids

There really are so many amazing musical toys on the market and no matter what age group your little one may be in, you won’t struggle to find something that is perfect for them. Whether you’re looking for musical toys for toddlers or musical toys for babies, feel free to explore the Georgie Porgy website today, we have an impressive range of musical toys to choose from. 

The toys that we supply bring fun, educational and stimulating experiences to kids around the world and we can assure you that every item on our website is of the highest quality and has gone through the proper testing procedures. Should you have any questions at all regarding the musical toys mentioned above or any of the other toys on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today. 

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