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Georgie Porgy

Kids Piggy Bank with Fingerfrint Key

Kids Piggy Bank with Fingerfrint Key

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Age: 3+
Material: ABS + Electronic components
Dimensions: 13.5 x 11.5 x 20 cm
Net weight: 0.6kg
Packaging: Color Box

Insert the coins from the coin slot on the top of the bank box. When you deposit bills, it will electronically roll the money into it.

Using the default code (0000) to open the box door, then you can set a new secret password. No one can open the safe without a password.

Differ from other piggy bank, this piggy bank is built-in fingerprint key. Enter the password (default code 0000), press the fingerprint button, the system will prompt the password is correct and automatically open the door.

Start to train your child`s money management skills with this piggy bank box.

Made of sturdy and robust ABS material.

Powered by 3x AA batteries, not included.

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