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Georgie Porgy

Fidget Sensory Cube

Fidget Sensory Cube

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Age: 8+
Material: ABS
Dimensions: 6.2*6.2*4.4cm
Net weight: 0.035KG
Package: Window Box


The price is for 1 fidget cube. Color will be random.

Do you sometime click your pen when you are distracted, and trying to concentrate? Or begin to hotch when you are about to give a presentation? If yes, you will love the Fidget Sensory Cube. This novel stress-relief toy is designed to help you The cube is designed with 6 sides, each side has a unique function to help you get rid of anxiety, and calm down. There are Roller, Clicker, Spinner, Glider or, Flipper and Spinner.

Keep you engaged in this toy, then stress will exit automatically.

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