4 Reasons Why you Should Buy Your Baby a Unicorn Plush

When you find out that you and your partner are expecting a baby, the chances are that you are initially overwhelmed with emotions, the most of which are positive. However, once you have regained your senses, you will realise that there is a significant amount of preparation to be done, not least in regards to putting-together a suitable bedroom. Within here, there should be a number of cuddly animals scattered about the place. If you are unsure as to why these are considered to be essential, allow Georgie Porgy to offer something of an explanation.

1. Offers Some Much-Needed Reassurance


When you set your baby down for the evening in their cot, they will no-doubt be left with a sense of loneliness, even if they do not realise it. However, were you to introduce a cuddly toy into the mix from an early age, it would not take long for you to reap the rewards from this decision. Night-after-night, they will be able to enjoy a better sleep, as they will be snuggled up with their soft companion. To put it simply, they will not feel that they are alone, and this is vital for them whilst growing-up.

2. Encourages Make-Believe

During their formative years, children are prone to develop wild imaginations; whenever they are bored, they will typically engage in role-play and make-believe. This is something that should actively be encouraged, as it gives them the opportunity to expand their minds without too-much trouble. In the long-run, you will notice that your child is more free-spirited and happy, which is not something that you want to miss out on.

3. Improves Speech Capabilities

Perhaps the most-difficult aspect of a child’s life is learning to communicate in an effective manner. Slowly-but-surely, they will develop their language skills - this will be through a combination of reading, and listening to the words that you say on a daily basis. Were they to start practicing with their cuddly toy, the time that is needed for them to become fluent will be considerably reduced. Through the relatively simple act of purchasing a small cuddly toy, there are fantastic educational benefits that you can bear witness to.

4. Provides Emotional Support

Although you might think that this is similar to the first point to make it onto this list, it is important that you appreciate what sets them apart. When your child is growing up, they will need to find some way in which to manage their emotions - this is where their cuddly toy enters into the picture. If, for instance, they are overcome with a sense of anxiety, an emotion that they seldom experience, they can look to their cuddly toy for the support that they need.

We’re Here To Help

Hopefully, you are now starting to gain an appreciation as to why it is so important to get your baby a cuddly toy from an early age. It does not necessarily have to be a unicorn plush toy - there are various designs from which to choose from, each with their own unique benefits. Some children, for instance, favour the classics; these include such animals as bears and monkeys. 

Others have a preference for more fictional soft toys, in which case you may be on the lookout for aliens. Whichever route you wish to go down, you can be certain of one thing. If you enlist the help of Georgie Porgy by sending us a message at georgielovesyou@georgieporgy.com, it will not take long for both you and your child to be completely satisfied.