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Georgie Porgy

Toy Slide Torch Projector

Toy Slide Torch Projector

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Toy Slide Torch Projector, for Wall Ceiling Tent

✔️WHAT YOU GET: Each set includes 1 torch projector, 3 slide discs. Each disc has 8 different images, toral 24 images.

✔️Simple to use: a torch🔦 with slides and ON /OFF button. No music, no recharging or anything complicate things. Just Install 2 “AA” (1.5V) batteries, twist the lens head to focus, move disc to project crisp pictures on wall. If the little ones want to play it after nighttime, there's no noise to keep anyone else up.

✔️What to do if the projector is blurred? Just adjusting the focus, then you can get clear images.

✔️Children will immerse in the magical world of prehistoric giant dinosaurs🦖, mysterious unicorn🦄 amazing animal and sea creature world. Not only make nighttime fun, but also add fun and warm to parent-child interaction👪! Can be used as a flashlight, kids will fear the dark no more!

✔️ Easy-to-grip handle for little hands with a drawstring to store discs and torch after use.

TOP EIGHT Benefits of Educational toys in the Growing Years📈
✔️Enhancing divergent thinking
✔️Nurturing creativity and imagination
✔️Helping in Boosting Their IQ
✔️Enhancing Development of Their Senses
✔️Improving Concentration
✔️Enhancing Emotional and Social Development
✔️Develop hand-eye coordination capabilities
✔️Development of fine and gross motor skills

Warm Tips🔔:
This product contains small parts.
Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
Keep away from hot objects and sources of fire.
Batteries are not included.

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