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Georgie Porgy

Kids Microscope 100x 400x 1200x Magnification with Slides

Kids Microscope 100x 400x 1200x Magnification with Slides

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Age: 8+
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 19 x 9 x 24.3 cm
Net weight: 0.32 kg
Package: Window Box

WHAT YOU GET: 1 microscope, 2 collection bottles, 1 plastic container, 1 tweezer, 5 slides, 1 piece of blank label.

High Magnification: This kid microscope built in 100x 400x 1200x magnification optical lens, which provides children a better visual introduction of biology.

Perfect for biology beginner to learn through playing, this microscope is suitable for younger elementary school-aged children to conduct their own classic after school science.

Easy for children to use, with a large plain stage, sturdy stage clips, and one bright illumination.

This set is light in weight, which provides max portability and sized for smaller hands.
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