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Georgie Porgy

IQ Car Traffic Jam

IQ Car Traffic Jam

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Age: 3+
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 16 x 14.4 x 5.4 cm
Net weight: 0.24 kg
The package includes: Color box + instruction

There are 5 levels with 168 challenges: Elementary, Intermediate, advanced, expert and master. Children can enjoy the Children can enjoy the fun of completing challenges and improve their logical thinking skills.

How to Play:
Your goal is to escape the jam!!!
2) Set up:
Select a game card and place the cars on the playing board according to SIZE and COLOUR of the car as indicated by the illustration given in the challenges game cards.
3) To Play
To begin the game, shift the blocking cars either "UP" or "DOWN" for cars placed in horizontal position(row).
You can't lift any blocking cars off the playing board. Try your best to move your RED CAR out the EXIT on the RIGHT SIDE of the playing board.

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