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Georgie Porgy

Crystal Gems Digging Kit

Crystal Gems Digging Kit

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Age: 6+
Material: Gypsum
Dimensions: 21.5*17*5.5cm
Net weight: 0.4KG
Package: Color Box

Dig, knock and brush. Let us discover the mysterious crystal! FIND 5 crystals from following 11 crystals- Including amethyst, cluster, kyanitc, pyrite, quartz point and more. Your child will have hours of fun.

The little young scientists can identify each specimen as gems discovered by reading the instruction sheet. They can learn some basis of gems, such as type, features, discovery spots as well. Kids can also use the magnifier to observe the gemstones. Your child will love this STEAM toy.

Kit includes:

1* earthen block

1* mallet

1* chisel

1* brush

1* rock-collecting pouch

1* magnifier

1* instruction sheet
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