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Summer is Here – Getting the Kids OutdoorsSummer is Here – Getting the Kids Outdoors

July 2020 | Frida Chen

Ask a group of parents or grandparents what they did for playtime when they were growing up and the answers probably involve fun outdoors. Childhood memories today are far more likely to be made indoors. During the current pandemic, this is even more so the case right now.

Well, the sun is out (some of the time!). How can we get our kids outside in the garden for more play time away from screens?

Georgie Porgy’s top 10 tips for getting the kids outside this Summer are:


  1. Set a timer for screen time. 1 hour of screen time = 1 of garden time
  2. Tell them it is ok to get wet, messy, and dirty! This is a sure way of getting the kids outside. Get the hose on and watch the chaos unfold!
  3. Get Crafty – Most kids love arts and crafts. A great way to get them outdoors is to get them creating. Paint a terracotta pot, chalk drawings on the patio…
  4. Al Fresco – Have a picnic in the garden.
  5. Set up a camp in the garden – For story time in the evening
  6. Create a garden hunt– Hunt for treasure. Geo-caching without the mobile!
  7. Encourage you children to get involved in the garden – Perhaps they can have their own vegetable patch. Encourage them to water the plants and watch them grow.


  1. Earning pocket money– A fantastic way to encourage older children to spend time in the garden is by offering them a way of earning pocket money for cutting the grass or deadheading flowers.
  2. It’s a bugs life – Many Kids love creepy crawlies of all varieties. Encourage your kids in the garden to find beasties.
  3. Create a sensory garden – Choose plant varieties that delight the senses with unique smells and textures to create a child-friendly sensory patch in your garden

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