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Introducing MAGSPACE Toys

July 2020 | Frida Chen

We are proud to announce the addition of the MAGSPACE range of revolutionary toys to the Georgie Porgy collection this Summer.

With ultra-strong magnetism, the MAGSPACE “Crystal” series helps children form myriads of shapes, encouraging creativity and ingenuity. While MAGSPACE is a toy, it is also an educational concept, with a strong focus on developing children’s:

• Motor skills
• Spatial intelligence
• Logic
• Mathematics, and
• Organisational skills

This revolutionary concept allows children to given free reign to their imagination, to create a multitude of objects and three-dimensional worlds. The exceptional quality and flexibility of these toys inspires and at the same time fascinates the small builder of the future.

MAGSPACE helps kids to understand the concept of space and construction. Easy to play with, and great for parent/ child interaction.

• Suitable for Children from 3 years of age to 13
• The perfect birthday or Christmas gift.
• A great alternative to video games this Christmas. Get interactive!


……join the MAGSPACE revolution